Increased sensitivity + group telepathic influence

This happened yesterday (Friday) as I went out. I haven’t really been updating this but I’ve been having a lot of topics to write about… I really should keep it more active.

It’s truly amazing how, as they say in the books, once you start gaining more 6th sense sensitivity you start seeing through people, in the way that you can actually see past their outside fluttering and truly sense their actual intentions behind all of that.

I had already started my journey on this road by learning about the subtle expressions and what they might mean, but I think the real deal is when it gets mixed up with the gut feeling, to a point where you can definitely be certain of almost anything. You would have this feeling, for example, that tells you certain person is bluffing or lying. And if you weren’t certain about it, you would then see the same indicators on the physical level (body language, subtle expressions, etc).

This gets really interesting when it comes to opposite-sex interaction (for the sake of calling it like that). You can sense when they’re lying or dodging your questions on purpose, and can even see some sort of information-chart that tells you what type of person they are. This kinda happened with everyone, as if you could just tap into their background stories, and just see their traumas or personality-defining experiencies. It’s a really bizarre feeling that can’t be accurately described with words.

Then there was the energy vampires. I was in a plaza/small park yesterday. And as with any plaza, they come with their own distinctive characters. I would have never thought of it that way, but it had dawned me yesterday. The strange pseudo-homeless guy that comes to stick around the group and starts saying nonsense as he’s just one more, was actually (were) energy vampires. It was all for the attention. A random guy kept whistling this song furiously and I could just tell he was desperately yet passively seeking attention. Every time we’d stop discussing the guy he’d stop after a while. And suddenly after even the smallest comment about it, the whistling would start again.

There was also a woman, around her 50s that had been acting like crazy, and I hadn’t realized when she first came around, so I said hi and all (we tend to greet people via cheek kisses in our country) and oh dear god I really shouldn’t have done so. First there was the subtle tone when she said hello next to my ear, that you could grossly tell it was pretending to be nice but was actually disgusted by your presence. And then, there was this really really bad vibe that got stuck on my cheek, as if her energy was somewhat sticky and had glued to me when we made physical contact. Along with the feeling of the constant drain while she was talking, all of  this got me pretty horrorized, but I could tell there wasn’t a truly evil intention behind it so that kept my un-easement levels at bay. 

Telepathic influence

The other interesting topic was the one about mass telepathic influence. Oddly enough, I had just finished up reading several texts discussing the matter, and the thing that struck me out was that people tended to be more easily influentiable when in groups, as opposite to as when being alone or isolated. 

This started because there was a group of people (inside of our group) playing soccer nearby and we had started ‘fantasizing’ -although I was always talking seriously- about how we could make the ball fall close to us if we were to truly intend for it. A guy started trying, not so sure of himself, until he said OK, the ball’s gonna fall right here next to me, and no one seem to have payed that much attention it seems, because to the amazement of everyone, in the next 15 or 20 seconds someone kicked the ball hard and it ended up falling exactly where he had predicted.

After a while I then tried the same when being alone, wanting the ball to fall next to that strange guy that had been whistling all night, just in hopes for something weird to happen when someone would then go and get it.

While thinking this, I was quite skeptical of it, given that the guy kicking the ball at that time was practically in parallel to where the whistling character was, so I thought it wouldn’t really be possible at that moment. So I thought, that when the guy hit the ball, it just end up hitting a pole in the middle, and the ball bounced back and ended up RIGHT under the character’s feet. Call it as you wish, I found it to be a quite interesting ‘coincidence’, if there are things as such.

I could also see the different roles of everyone in the ‘flock’, and how everyone would go about getting the rest’s attention. 

For example, the guy that always did the slave-ish dirty work was so sunken up in his role that everytime he’d kick the ball, it’d magically end up on the other side of a fence or somewhere where a big effort was required in order to go and retrieve it. In counterpart, a guy who had this bring-it-on-life-i-can-beat-you attitude, almost never throwed off the ball, no matter how close it had been of going away.

I got a few idea scraps left to write but I will get to it later.


I tried some psychokinesis yesterday. Since I stopped getting results with my usual practice method (pendulum), -probably because the lack of routine- I figured I’d give it a shot using the good ol’ psiwheel.

I’ve been sort of mixing ‘techniques’ in order to see what’s more effective to me, but mostly the one I’ve lately been using is trying not to even put my hands near the object. Moving it with my intention only. Well, it does work pretty well, but it just burns the hell out of your mana :P

It’s like I already identified the muscle, now I just have to strengthen it out. Imagine having an arm with all the muscle fibers intact, completely virgin, as if they were never been used. Of course we don’t realize this because we pretty much use our body from day 1, but it’s basically the same thing here, learning to walk from scratch. I already figured how to execute it, but in order to get visual results I need to do some psionic weight lifting. Hah.

So back to yesterday, I indeed managed to move the psiwheel without placing my hands near it, but in exchange it completely drained me, since I was making a huge effort in pushing the sides of the wheel. I suppose I can actually get somewhere if I remain consistent.

Now there’s another topic I’d like to bring out, and this is the fact that I never get sick.
Well, mind over matter. I think I have a pretty strong immune system, but even if that weren’t to be the case, I got in my mind so long ago that I did, and that I would never get sick because of it, that it just became real. People don’t realize how much control over our bodies we have, or we -can- have. You’re not a slave of your body, your body is a representation of your mind in order to be fit to live in the physical realm. Why do you think all of those miraculous healing things happen? God?
While I don’t rule out the existence of a God I do strongly believe it was not involved in any of the so-called miracles, as they were produced by the humans themselves. By faith.

Now it does make sense, faith not as a divine thing, but as a strong belief in something with more power than you. Destiny, God, science, Karma, you can put it wherever you want (I’ll write something about karma later). But what actually gets the stuff done, is the belief. Because the belief is a constant emission of energy that sort of pulsates along with your being, as if it was built-in. This in return creates a much more stronger pulling force when it comes to influentiate reality, whatever the reason might be.

Back to the point, I never get sick. I believe so, and so it happens. 
Question is, why did I woke up today sneezing like a mother——-?
Its funny, while I wasn’t actually sick, it’s not something I get that often, so I started doing recap, and I thought: Hmm, maybe this is happening because I burned out all of my energy yesterday and now my bodily defenses are not high enough. But again, my continous belief in my immune system will prevent me to get sick, so it’s okay.

Tangible results!

Well, I’ve been working my mind a lot in terms of ‘enlightenment’, my perspective has changed on a lot of things but I didn’t really consider it text-worthy. I suppose that is part of the innerverse… oh well.

As for psychic development goes, I’ve found that this mindset really helps a lot with the psychic skills or even the whole approach itself. 

To get to the point:

I haven’t had much success with pinging. At least not much comprobable success with it. 
So yesterday I saw a guy across the street. A particular individual whom I hold certain feelings of… well, I don’t like him. Amorous reasons I will not go into detail here.

I was with a friend who is somewhat into this whole psionic stuff, so I thought to myself: Hey, why don’t I start pinging him, since emotion charged sendings tend to work better? And so I started pinging him, asking my friend some help.

While he looked to his sides a few times, one could easily have said I was delusional and it was just mere coincidence, and I was close to agreeing.

Until today.

Today I was on the bus, feeling really psi-charged, and I decided I’d give it a go and ping random people. At first I didn’t succeed much, while I felt as if one of the persons I was pinging -knew- I was pinging him (and he made it clear by bluntly staring at me for prolonged periods of time) there wasn’t much sci-fi feel to it, as it again, could be coincidental.

After that I started focusing on some lady who was standing besides me with a more narrowed topic: scratch your nose. Scratch your nose, scratch your nose, it aches, I should scratch my nose, oh how it aches! Thoughts like those were being smashed onto her nose, as I imagined multiple ways of triggering her a nose-scratch.

After a few minutes, I got a subtle response. A sniff. Well, it still -can- be coincidental, right? I kept on trying and trying, harder every time, getting another sniff here and there, until suddenly *BAM*

She scratched her nose! I had to make completely sure I was influencing that response, so I kept on trying as hard as I could, and again, after two or three more sniffs, she scratched it again.

At this point of course I was swimming in joy as I was now sure I had caused it. And this indeed was a stepping stone, since practising with tangible results turns out to be much more rewarding and encouraging than just throw thought bolts at people blindly as if everything was just happening in your head.

That’s pretty much it, I think.

First entry

Hello world! Or… well, me, since this is pretty much private. I am opening this blog in hopes that it works as an aid towards my psychic development/discovering of my innerverse, since I’ve been on the grid with this kind of stuff for nearly 2 and a half years now… I think. And well, I really don’t feel comfortable with the progress I’ve made so far, pretty much because my training has been somewhat sporadical.

With all this being said, I’ll try to write all the conclusions, rants and every possible thing that can occur to me as long as it relates to the topic.

I’ve also been trying to OOBE for about two months now. Apparently I reached the highest point before getting thrown out, but never actually succeeded in doing it, and every time I try to recreate it it gets more and more complicated. Maybe it’s my sporadical approach to things that is getting in the way, and should try and approach it more routine-like. Well, I really should try doing that with everything.

That’s it for now, I had a lot of expectations on this but it gets kinda hard when you’re facing the blank page. I’ll keep posting as I get more ranting material.